Custom Built Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

been part of home interior designs and concepts for a long time. However, the traditional fireplace has seen its better days and homeowners are now shifting to a modern ethanol fireplace, which is not only Eco-friendly but also safer and easy to install. While a fireplace at home adds to the unique ambiance and atmosphere, installing traditional fireplaces in modern homes is increasingly becoming difficult and expensive. Most homeowners prefer custom built bio ethanol fireplaces which are safer in a home environment as compared to wood or gas fireplaces.

Bio ethanol fireplaces are the luxurious line of fireplaces which add warmth and beauty to our homes without negatively affecting the environment. At least that’s what modern ethanol fireplace company say’s on their popular e-commerce website. These modern fireplaces do not require venting, chimneys or outlets. They are safe, soot-less, easy to install and they can also be automated using remote-controlled systems. In recent years, the modern fireplace h

cleaner impact on controlled domestic fires

as experienced increased demand owing to the innovative designs and the allure of heating homes with modern appeal. Moreover, bio fuel is a complete renewable green energy thus the fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere!

Whether at home, apartment, office or outdoor, you can now enjoy the ambiance and beauty of fire flames with a variety of design options and custom pieces. The ability to accommodate minimalist designs and trendy bio inserts makes bio ethanol fireplaces a popular choice, not only for homeowners but also for business owners in the hospitality industry; restaurants and hotels. Most of the modern fireplaces are made of stainless steel and come with a safety technology for controlling heat and fire. They are convenient and burn with a clean orange flame which adds beauty and comfort.

Why Custom Built Bio Ethanol Fireplaces?

Bioethanol fireplace

Today, home interior décor presents endless concepts and designs for homeowners who are constantly looking for modern and unique styles. A custom built bio ethanol fireplace presents a personalized design; making it possible to enjoy the luxury of fire in a unique style. Unlike the traditional wood-burning fireplaces with uncontrolled heating, bio ethanol fireplaces are Eco-friendly, fuel efficient, easy to install and safer at homes. Moreover, modern fireplaces are made to suit the lifestyle needs of homeowners; for example, they are made to be mobile for indoor or outdoor use.

The flame that comes with bio fuel is specifically developed from renewable resources and therefore Eco-friendly. Because custom fireplaces are designed according to individual’s preference, the homeowner enjoys the freedom of choice; from custom designs for the patio to stand alone, coffee tables and wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplaces, the concepts and designs are endless! The best part of custom fireplaces is flexibility in costing. You don’t have to break the bank by going for the expensive, intricate or popular fireplace designs. With creativity, you can still make your home warm, cozy and be ‘in-the-trend’ with affordable and impressive designs which complement your preference and décor style.